Early Voting Turnout

The Chronicle is reporting this morning that over 22,000 people voted early in the Republican primary run off. That doesn't sound too shabby to me, but I don't know how it compares to previous primary run offs in years past.

Anyone out there is who is more politically savvy than me that would like to interpret the data? Maybe Charles Kuffner over at Off the Kuff will give us some insight later in the day.


Anonymous said…
JAGJO writes:

It's hard to compare run off/ early voting with a science as each run off is vastly different in several aspects. Depends on type of race involved and candidates involved, how many races on ballot, year to year populus records adjustments,and if the run off occurs in an national election year which usually will tend to generate more interest that trickles down to state and county races/interests. This happens to be a national election year and we happen to have a hot ticket race( DA) on the run off ballot which will generate more interest and enthusiasm. (Dist 22 race is also bringing out a lot of voters)

I think the actual count is 23,732 and I am ok with that number. Almost 15k votes came from the polls and 8,815 were absentee mailed in ballots. I thought maybe more with the DA race on ballot but that could change by a considerable number on Tuesday. No doubt though that the DA race (and Dist 22) helped raise interest that the other races on ballot are benifiting from. Two prime areas that are Dist 22 areas have had the most poll activity.

If you want to view archived election results which includes primary and run offs you can do so at www.harrisvotes.com

I personally visited 4 polling locations and found no Siegler signs but one. However, there were a plethora of some person named, LIEMYWAY N. TOELECTION - whoever the heck that is! Anyone out there seen Siegler or Bill Moore signs?

I think the cookie monster must have a cousin, "sign monster" who is out there gorging itself on election signs to the point of absurd obesity. I mean, what other explanation is there, right?
anonymous c said…
LIEMYWAY N. TOELECTION - whoever the heck that is!

Hehe! Cute!

I know that I personally put two Kelly signs up at West Gray last Monday and they were in addition to the five that were already there (put up earlier that day by the sign-meister extraordinaire). ;-)

Was West Gray one of the polling locations that you went to, JagJo?

I'm curious about whether or not they're still there or if they've mysteriously metamorphosed into Liemyway signs.
Anonymous said…
JAGJO writes:

Anon c - Glad you liked the pseudonym "Liemyway N. Toelection" ...I am liking the idea of not having to write the actual name anymore post Tuesday night. Besides, I think my variant is much more suitable. :-)

Unless Liemyway has an ace up her sleeve (which is very doubtful AND we have already seen who she has in her hip pocket, ie.,Lowry, Eckles etc.),her name will fade in the media and pet kennels across Harris County will be the last stop for any remaining newspapers ... for a different form of 'smear'. ha!

To answer your question; the polls I visited were in west, nwest, north. I had indication from friends in Swest and Seast that Siegler's sign presentation was good. But those sources were not there on a daily basis. I personally have not seen any sign presentation for Kevin Keating, does anyone know if he even has signs???

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