The 174th Republican Primary

Per JAGJO's Request:

Although I've been focusing most of attention on the runoff race for D.A. between Kelly Siegler and Pat Lykos, there is another runoff going on that is of great importance to those of us at the CJC.

Assistant District Attorneys Bill Moore and Kevin Keating will be facing each other in the April 8th election to see who will be the Republican candidate for the 174th District Court, currently held by Judge George Godwin, who is retiring at the end of his term. The winner of the Republican primary will face Democratic candidate and former judge Ruben Guerrero (who knocked off Lloyd "God knows I'll run for anything" Oliver in the Dem primary).

As I've said before (and JAGJO understands), I think very highly of Bill and Kevin, just as I think very highly of John Jocher and Terrance Windham, who didn't make the runoff. Therefore, I won't publicly pick sides on the issue.

I would like to congratulate Bill, Kevin, John and Terrance on all running a clean race and seeming to manage to stay friends through it all.

NOTE: Since Mark Bennett endorsed either Terrance or John, I would imagine that Kevin and Bill will be seeking out Mark and asking him to please not endorse them, as he may be the kiss of death. Just kidding, Mark.

Okay, JAGJO, my friend, the comments board is now open for discussion!


Anonymous said…
This is a no-lose situation for the voters and citizens of Harris County. Bill and Kevin are both eminently qualified for this job. I am voting for Kevin because of his broad appellate knowledge, extensive trial experience, and complete humility. I believe he will approach his job with reverence and respect for the position and for the trust people have placed in him. No danger of "black robe disease" with him. He is an excellent prosecutor, a fine public servant, and has earned our trust and our votes.
Mark Bennett said…
Six of one, half-a-dozen of another. Either gentleman is a long way from filling Judge Godwin's shoes, but I think there's hope for both.
Anonymous said…
Wow, Mark, you manage to be dismissive and obsequious in the same post! Good job of belittling the point. After all, they're both just PROSECUTORS!! (cue icky slime sound effects) Ewwwww!
Mark Bennett said…
Obsequious? That might be a mean thing to say . . . if you had the courage to sign your name to it.
Anonymous said…
JAGJO writes:

Thanks my friend (AHCL) for putting this topic on the board. Judicial races ( esp. run offs) never garner enough attention or votes and I think that in part is due to the general public not be familiar with the candidates or the courts. It is my hope that this discussion will promote awareness and enable those undecided to make a choice and vote. I am interested in hearing about their strongest attributes and what distinguishes one from the other. And, why one would be better suited for the 174th bench than the other. Races where both candidates are good and qualified are far more interesting to me then those that are no brainers. Kinda like watching a football game with two top kick ass teams battle it out as opposed to watching a 12-0 beat a 0-12 team!

So far we have Kevin's appellate experience.

Come on those in the know, tell us about these two men vying for the 174th and who gets your vote and why.
jigmeister said…
If it were a perfect world, Kevin would be on the 1st or 14th Ct. of Appeals and Bill would be on the trial bench. But both are very qualified with demeanors appropriate for the bench.

By the way, Mark, George can be a jerk.
Murray Newman said…
AHCL Exlcusive Breaking News:
Mark Bennett admits to Being Imperfect.

We'll bring you local reaction as the story develops!
Anonymous said…
JAGJO writes:

Dang! Where is everyone? Anyone? Someone? Come out, come out where ever you are! Only two responses!
(sorry, Mark's dosen't count since it wasn't anything new lol)

Seems there was far more interest pre-primary than now which is all the more reason why I wanted to conjure up some feed back to get the word out there about this bench.

Jigmeister - interesting assertion about placing Keating in Ct. of Appeals(I concur with that statement) which leaves your other assertion that Moore is the best for trial court, which the 174th is! Thanks for your input. It is exactly what I am looking for to help distinguish these two candidates.

I know it is not easy for those of you who are co workers to choose but whether we like it or not, a decision will be made on 4-8 and I would prefer to see that decision made by people who know first hand than those that are clueless and just merely voting a republican tix.

Which for the 174th... Moore or Keating?
batgirl said…
Anon, I have worked with both Kevin and Bill in the office for years. True, both are fine people and either would serve the county well. I like and respect them both equally. In a perfect world, I would not be forced to choose between the two. But if you are asking me, I will be voting for Kevin Keating. I knew Kevin as a trial lawyer and he was great. He worked in a busy trial court as a Felony #2 and tried many cases. I also knew Kevin in his appellate position, and he is just brilliant! When I was in trial, I would always call Kevin if a legal issue came up. Whether is helped or hurt me, I knew Kevin was giving me the correct advice based on the law. I have spoken to lawyers who have seen him argue in front of the Courts of Appeals and they were just blown away with how amazing and intelligent he is. Kevin has both the courtroom experience and the knowledge of the law to provide both sides a fair trial. His trials would not get reversed because he knows the law so very well. He is also a kind soul who would treat everyone with respect.
If Bill Moore were running for a different bench he would get my vote, too. But if I have to choose between these two honorable lawyers, I will vote for Kevin Keating.

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