Hell Freezes Over

I'm a little emotional right now.

Alan Bernstein finally broke the Pat Lykos yarmulke story and wrote some other ones as well in his on-line article today. I was so inspired that I actually created a Chron poster ID and had to congratulate him on his article.

I'm just speechless.

NOTE: If the past history is any indicator, Alan will probably do something to ruin the moment with his next article.


anonymous c said…
It's an Easter miracle!

And the Siegler portion of the pair isn't too shabby!

He clearly pulled out all the stops and it amounted to...not much. Not a surprise.

Go, Kelly, go!
Mark Bennett said…
You sure are easy to please, AHCL. Six weeks ago you would have criticized Alan for writing that puff piece.
Ron in Houston said…
Well, after all the words I've typed defending AB, at least he ends up not making me look like a total and complete idiot.

I figured the Chron would have to run a story like this before the runoff.

I suppose he was trying to be fair but calling Snookems prickly is a gross understatement.

Oh and AHCL - no sexual references to Snookems. The mental picture is just too unsettling. I prefer to believe she reproduces asexually.
cjclawyer said…
True, he did finally mention it, but I wouldn't say he "broke the story." Mark is right... talk about a puff piece!
Murray Newman said…
At this point, I'll take anything I can get from Bernstein.

If you wake up in the middle of the night, I want you to be haunted by thoughts of Snookems.

I was so being sarcastic when I said "broke the story".

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