It's Official

The Chronicle this afternoon reported on it's website that Assistant U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson is Governor Rick Perry's appointee, pending only approval from the U.S. Department of Justice.

The rumor currently going around the CJC is that the approval has been given by the DOJ, so it's just a matter of when Mr. Magidson wants to take over.

The move was met with cautious optimism at the D.A.'s Office, to my understanding. Although Magidson worked as an ADA with Harris County in the 1980s, he's been with the U.S. Attorney's Office for the past two decades. That means that probably 99% of the Office doesn't know who he is.

That's not such a bad thing. And thankfully, it guarantees a Lykos-free environment for the remainder of the year (hopefully forever).

The Chronicle is already up and running with digging up dirt on the new D.A.

He has a Northern accent and frequently comes across as nonchalant.

Man, sounds like a total bastard.

Just kidding. Everything I've heard about him through the grapevine sounds like he's a good guy.

Welcome to the CJC, Mr. Magidson.


Anonymous said…
His first official action should make a splash. Set the tone for the next 8 months.

He should launch an investigation to determine if Lykos is really "Snookems".
Murray Newman said…
Good Old JD,
Always has the energy to run a joke into the ground.
jigmeister said…
I remember Ken a little. Stand up guy, quiet, yankee (not an insult). Need to ask some of the old guys about him, Mack, Machine Gun, Rusty, Andy, or Bert. Better yet call Joe Magliola at the U.S. Att.
anonymous c said…
Well, I think that JD is really Bill...more commonly referred to as Mr. Snookems around these parts.

The devotion is heart-warming. ;-)
Anonymous said…
I think that I'm really me. I also think that nobody else cares who I am.

Anonymous said…
I have heard nothing but great things about this presumptive appointee. (All from Defense Attorneys as they have contact with him in his role as AUSA). It's an interesting move, especially when one considers the jail may be under DOJ nvestigation, he may be above politics when it comes to decisions about investigating Mr. Rosenthal or other past activities and any potential prosecutions, so any personnel or other decisions he may make would be above reproach. A great way to restore confidence and public trust without appearing to play favorites in the current climate. It also has the de facto effect of bringing the feds to take a good hard look at things, without technically, bringing them in. If he performs well, its a good move for his career too.

A good smart solid (and to me surprising) move by the Governor and his appointments staff. Kudos to them.
Anonymous said…
JAGJO writes:

Anon C -
"JD is Bill and Bill is "Mr. Snookems"....."

Sounds like a "greek tragedy".. LOL
Pun definitely intended!

Should that be the second thing we drink to in Nov. at our " dare 2 bare" cocktail hour?

P.S. thanks for your" what the hell.. go Bill Moore" :-) I'm trying to drum up some discussion under the heading of'Quick Facts about the Run Off election' about the only judicial candidates in the run off. Feel free to chime in! I am most curious to see what distinguishes one from the other in the opinions of those that are in the know.

P.S.S. we need to think of a name for the drink created for our group...
Anonymous said…
Take a look at the blatantly anti-Kelly, pro-Bradford editorial in the Chronicle. It says

"Because of her strong ties to the Rosenthal era, Siegler cannot effectively banish from the district attorney's office the unjust practices and intolerable prejudices she long embraced or tolerated."

What a bunch of BS. Talk about assuming facts not in evidence! The editorial will be fresh fuel to fire the conspiracy theory that the Chronicle wants weak-GOP candidate Lykos to win so that it will give democrat Bradford a better chance. Sounding more and more like fact than theory every day!
anonymous c said…

You are such a sweetheart! I don’t know anything about either guy, but, if AHCL thinks “very highly” of both of them and you are behind Moore, that’s good enough for me!

He will absolutely get my vote and I will spread the word as far as I can.

And I’ll mull over some drink names! Hehe!


Anon 8:39,

I agree! It DOES sound more and more like fact every day. Pretty sad!

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