The New Guy

I'm sure it is quite the unusual feeling for all parties involved when the "new guy" at a large organization just happens to be the "new boss", as well.

That's what Kenneth Magidson and the Assistant Harris County District Attorneys are experiencing now that it is all official that Magidson will be taking over.

My understanding is that Magidson walked the floors of the Office, meeting all of the ADA's before his 4 o'clock press conference with local media. It was an appreciated gesture, I'm sure.

It also means that over half the office has now spent more "face time" with Magidson than they ever did with the normally aloof Chuck Rosenthal.

At this writing, the Chronicle has yet to post the contents of his press conference. However, I just saw him on Fox 26, and what he said sounded good. He, of course, wants to restore faith in the Office and the Criminal Justice System, but he also moderated his comments so that they didn't scare the living daylights out of the Assistant D.A.'s that he's supervising.

He seemed comfortable and confident in his new role, and stated his pride in his job description without seeming arrogant (in my opinion).

NOTE TO CHRONICLE: I didn't pick up on his "Northern" accent that you all mentioned a couple of days ago in a highly relevant moment.

Good luck with the new job, New Guy!


Ed Veronda said…
How many ADA's work in the office? How many floors do y'all work on? That could help us understand why Chuck never spent any time. Just curious.
Murray Newman said…
It's about 250 lawyers spread out over five floors. I'm not saying that Chuck needed to make the rounds on a daily basis, but once every couple of years might have been nice!
Ron in Houston said…
It's really amazing how you describe Chuck.
Murray Newman said…
Chuck is such a conundrum to me, because he was always very nice to me, personally. However, his aloofness around the office and his lack of personal interaction with the "ground troops" was legendary.
I always liked him personally, too, but the shame and dishonor he has brought to the D.A.'s Office is unforgiveable.
I think I may need counseling over Chuck.
I think if you ask anyone, they will tell you that Chuck wasn't much of "rally-the-troops" guy.

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