Sunday, March 9, 2008

This seems vaguely familiar . . .

Apparently Pat Lykos is used to getting nasty during her political campaigns according to this 1994 article about her Republican primary race for Attorney General against Harris County Civil Court Judge, Don Wittig.

Lykos called out Wittig for citing his military service as a Marine in Vietnam. Apparently, General Lykos "charged that Wittig falsely portrayed himself in radio ads and brochures as a Marine combat veteran of Vietnam, when in fact he served as a lawyer at headquarters in Da Nang. "

"It saddens me that someone would make misleading or false statements about their military record. I'm sure it was intentional on his part," Lykos said last week.

Now, there was no doubt that Judge Wittig did serve his country. He served his country as a Marine. He served his country in Vietnam. I guess that Lykos still felt comfortable calling him out for not doing enough.

I understand completely, Pat.

It saddens me when a person who has never tried a criminal case calls themselves a "litigator".

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