Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Run-Off Begins

Alan Bernstein's article today shows the opening potshots of the runoff between Kelly Siegler and Pat Lykos. Before I go into what the candidates said, I have to point out how greatly amusing I found that Bernstein kept attributing certain things, such as Lykos being "excessively thorny" "follows the Houston Chronicle's disclosure of Lykos' 2005 employee assessment".

Um, thanks Alan. Nobody knew that Lykos was mean before you pointed it out. Good job.

As usual, Kelly pointed out actual incidents that were relevant to a District Attorney's race, such as Lykos' lack of trial experience (loosely read, "no trial experience"), her extremely light treatment of sex abusers that target children, and her inability to play nice with others.

Lykos referred to Kelly as a "one-act play", which to me has about as much meaning as the "Rule of Law" (have we figured out what in the hell that means yet?). What does that mean, exactly? A "one-act play"? I really don't get it.

Is the "play" the one where Kelly goes to trial? Because that would seem to make Lykos a "no act play".

Lykos blamed her giving probation to Child Molesters on the prosecutors not having their cases ready for trial.

Oh really? So, what are you saying Pat? That prosecutors couldn't prove their cases against child molesters so you gave them probation? Doesn't that "Rule of Law" that you keep yammering about dictate that they be found not guilty?

Or, wait, you're just passing the buck again, aren't you?

I'm a little more aggravated with Lykos than usual this morning, because she insinuated that prosecutors aren't good at trying the Child Molester (or as prosecutors call them, the "kiddie cases").

That's big talk from somebody who has never tried a kiddie case.

Perhaps if you had gone to trial on any case at all, Pat, you would know that there is no case more difficult to trial then one involving sexual abuse of children. On top of being emotionally gruelling, there is usually no medical evidence, and the child victim is usual an emotional wreck on the stand.

But prosecutors (AKA "trial lawyers") in the D.A.'s Office try them on a daily basis, and they try them well.

You've got no right to criticize a prosecutor for how they've tried a case, until you've tried one yourself, Snookems.


Ron in Houston said...


Bernstein is a journalist. His job is to report the facts without interjecting his opinion into things as much as possible.

If he says Lykos is "excessively thorny" he needs to give some facts to back up that assertion.

His attributing that to Lykos' employee assessment is not the same as taking credit for breaking the story that Lykos is an unmitigated bitch.

OMG - did I just say that? Oh that's right I'm not a journalist.

anonymous c said...


Your dogged defense of Bernstein is suspect, but your colorful assessment of Lykos is spot-on.

I’m so conflicted!


Anonymous said...

When is Siegler going to show some "gibblets" and ask Lykos some serious questions......

Specifically, she needs to ask, "Are you Snookems".

The citizens of Harris County need to know.

Anonymous said...

If Lykos wins, will her email be ?

Rosenthal always wanted his employees to call him Chuck, NOT Mr. Rosenthal.....

Will Lykos allow the 400 employees at the DA's office to call her "Snookems"?

pro.victims said...

JD, We are laughing aloud at "" Hysterical.

Anonymous said...

If what happened in Dallas is any indication of what the future holds, Siegler and Lykos may well be on the outside looking in afer next November.

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