Lykos' Blatant Lie (AKA You can't say "Lykos" without saying "Lie")

For those of you who attended or read about the February 19, 2008 debate between the D.A. Candidates, perhaps you remember Pat Lykos responding to a question from Jim Leitner about why no police unions or retired police officer unions had endorsed her, even though she was a former cop.

The Chronicle article by Alan Bernstein described it at the time as:

Lykos, a Houston police officer more than 25 years ago, said she has refrained from seeking campaign support from officers and police organizations because the next district attorney must be immune from any charges of favoritism when prosecuting misconduct cases against law enforcement.

At the time, I described her saying that she didn't seek the endorsements because of "sour grapes".

As it turns out, it wasn't sour grapes, it was just a blatant lie.

This memo from the Houston Police Retired Officers Association (HPROA) shows that Lykos did, in fact, seek an endorsement from them, unsuccessfully.

Under the Board Meeting Minutes from January 10, 2008 under the sub-heading of "President's Comments - Jack Miller" is the following note:

*Pat Lykos is running for Harris County DA and is seeking an endorsement from the HPROA. Discussion by J. DeFoor, Rayne, Turbeville, Ashby, Elkin and Bostock. No action taken.

"No action taken" indicates that the endorsement request was denied.

So, let's look at the timeline on this real quick:

January 10, 2008 - Lykos goes to HPROA seeking an endorsement and is turned down.
February 19, 2008 - during a live webcast debate, flatly denies ever having sought out an endorsement from them.

Lykos has some severe issues with honesty, if she will blatantly lie even when the cameras are rolling.

It still just stuns me that her website has her saying that "her word is her bond".


Mark Bennett said…
Wow. If you can't trust Pat Lykos, who can you trust?
Murray Newman said…
It's really stunning isn't it?

You know, you can't say "Lykos" without saying "lie", I suppose.
batgirl said…
Sadly, this does not surprise me. I guess I don't expect much from Ms. Lykos.
Anonymous said…
To quote George Castonza.....

"It is not a lie, if you believe it's true".

Lykos obvioulsy missed the CLE on telling the truth.
Anonymous said…
I heard Pat and Kelly on 740KTRH this morning at 7:20 - Kelly kicked Pat's butt. Pat came across as beligerant, desperate, and obnoxious. Kelly was cool, calm and collected, emphasizing the fact that she was a career litigator and trial lawyer, something Lykos is not. Lykos did not give one coherent answer to either of the questions posed to her. So in that 2 minute "mini-debate", I'd say Kelly won.
Ron in Houston said…

You saved the best part for the comments.

You can't say "Lykos" without saying "lie" - Indeed.
anonymous c said…
Since Lykos believes that “although citizens and reporters decry dirty campaigning, those are the campaigns that get the coverage," and she’s unfortunately right, we should all ban together to create a campaign video for Kelly.

We won’t need a big budget since grainy, ominous black and white images are the way to go. We can re-enact all of these lies, as the low, monotone voice of a retired HPD officer narrates with a cautious, don’t-vote-for-this-sociopath inflection...

Gil Fried will play himself and he will talk passionately about how Pat Lykos humiliated and embarrassed him and insulted his religion, all in one fell swoop. “Thanks, Pat!”

I’ll throw on a short wig and play Vannoy Jimenez, whose nightmarish childhood was capped off, not by a grave and serious trial run efficiently and with a full awareness of the gravity of the facts in the case, but rather by a circus of a trial run by Pat Lykos. “Thanks, Pat!”

My kids can play the TSU students, who were rounded up and jailed for no legal reason. “WTF, Pat?!”

JagJo can play Judge Witting, who will be standing in full military regalia, looking dapper, and will talk about the mud-slinging liar that Pat Lykos is and how she’ll do anything, including insulting heroic military service, to win. “Thanks, Pat!”

Da-esque can play LaRhonda Chretier, who Lykos failed to protect from Robert McEntee. “Because of you, Pat Lykos, I had to watch two deputies get shot and I’ve had nightmares ever since. Thanks, Pat!”

Ron can play veteran clerk Charlie Spinks, who took the stand and earnestly told the truth…"Yes, Pat called Dickson a piece of sh*t"…and was ultimately sacked by Lykos on a trumped-up piece of the same, aforementioned bull sh*t. “Thanks, Pat!”

My next-door-neighbor's son can play the poor, innocent toddler who was potentially ruined for life and is so traumatized that he can often barely utter a coherent string of words together and I’ll play the chick who gets BC instead of jail time for the crime. “Thanks, Pat!”

It can end with a montage of all of Pat’s victims chanting “Pat Lykos doesn’t speak for us”.

I wonder how much that would cost to make.
Murray Newman said…
You're right, Ron. That line was so good that I had to move it to the title! It didn't come to me until after I had already finished the article.
Anonymous said…
JAGJO writes:

Man, if I have to hear the phrase" the rule of law " spew one more time from Lykos lips, I'm gonna spew my dinner. Mia Shay did a news piece tonight on channel 13 speaking with both Kelly and Lykos and CR's former but well repsected and experienced campaign manager.
For those that missed this let me surmise: Kelly interviewed while (standing) during shooting a commercial and conducted herself in a professional and confident manner.Well spoken and to the point. Lykos, on the other hand while sitting down and hovering over a desk leaning on her elbows at times - slouching, wringing her hands at others,(where is her campaign advisor?) Came off as smug, condescending, totalitarian, used the law school clip of Kelly in her chat with Mia and used the same OLD TIRED " the rule of law", Kelly and Chuck are twins, "change is needed" and last but not least" change is needed and I am the one to make that change". Talk about beating a dead horse! She uses the same old worn out boring empty spin at all the PAC's.For those that have not had the misfortune of seeing her on the campaign trail-what you see on TV is the extent of what she dishes out in person. She ended the interview with a wicked laugh trying to impart her confidence and that she has the upper hand in the run off, when infact, it doesn't take Dr. Phil to point out that she is just the opposite and shows desperation as she is failing to garner the support she needs to win. Interesting, this piece by Mia was "pro Kelly" for those that truely watch politics and understand the innuendo and reading between the lines. Mia further went on to interview Rosenthal's former campagin manager whom for those that do not know, is highly respected in his field. He indicated that Lykos is doing the smear campaign on Kelly out of desperation (duh) because she knows that Kelly has her beat on the most important requirement for the DA job and that is experience in being a prosecutor and not just a prosecutor, but one of the best in her field. He went on to say that Kelly's campaign is based on experience. And that Lykos has not and will not counter Kelly's campaign proclimations because she can not say that she is a better prosecutor than Kelly or a prosecutor at all for that matter. In his summation of the two, he more or less said that Kelly will win the run off and it will be because of her experience and the only chance Lykos could have is if she could offer up equal or better prosecutorial experience. The bottom line is the People want who has the most experience to get the job done in his opinion and he also claimed that he predicts only about 50k will vote in run off. I implore Kelly supporters to turn out in droves. I want her to beat Lykos by nothing less than a landslide. Then I am going to write Lykos a letter entitled " the rule of campaigning law". lol

I also have knowledge that many of those that voted for Lykos in primary (most are staunch party allegiants) are switching their votes to Kelly as they want the strongest candidate possible to face off in Nov against (not in specific, Bradford) but the democratic party. It's not only a political defense move but the right move! All I have to say is, "whatever it takes"! :-)
Anonymous said…
JAGJO writes:

anon c - you so crack me up, my friend!

You need to add one more character to the video.. for the finale ...the HPD... reading aloud their response in unison from Lykos's request for endorsement letter, " NO ACTION TAKEN".. and further inject, "After April the 8th Pat, "you have the right to remain silent". hehehe
anonymous c said…
JagJo, you’re right! That would be a perfect ending to the campaign video! :-)

I also (foolishly) neglected to add the two Deputies, Cullen McVay and James Laney, who were shot by that winner McEntee, thanks to the utter ineptitude of Pat Lie-kos.

I’m quite sure that they’d want to add another thick-with-sarcasm “Thanks, Pat!” to the chorus.

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