Testing Something Out

With Mark Bennett's tutleage, I'm trying to learn how to embed a video image on the website. I figured this was a worthwhile video clip to start with.


Murray Newman said…
Well, what do you know? It worked!
anonymous c said…
That was a PERFECT one to start with, AHCL.

Happy Easter, everyone!
Mark Bennett said…
Whoever showed you how to do that must really have it in for Kelly.
Murray Newman said…
You told me I should do this so that I could play your performance during the 5th Annual Air Guitar try outs.
Mark Bennett said…
That routine won me a place as second runner-up in the 1981 Miss Blessing pageant.
jigmeister said…
Now that you know how, just keep it clean. You know how sensitive I am.
anonymous c said…

Mark Bennett writes:

Whoever showed you how to do that must really have it in for Kelly.

Mark Bennett also writes:

I've referred here a time or two (okay, at every opportunity) to the Chuck Rosenthal-Kelly Siegler DA's Office.

I'm not the biggest fan (y'all might have detected this) of the idea of Kelly Siegler as Harris County D.A.

Mark Bennett also writes all of this…including
today's little gem..

Writing a few negative articles about Lykos doesn’t mean that you don’t “have it in for Kelly”, Mark.

Support whomever you please, of course! It's abso-frickin’-lutely the American way.

Don’t dissemble, though.

It’s Easter, after all.

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