Please Help Mack Arnold

Mark Bennett is posting on his blog about a trust fund recently created for our friend and favorite Curmudgeon with a Heart of Gold, Mack Arnold.

He needs our help.

Here's the information from Mark's Blog, in case you missed it over there:

Yesterday Mack Arnold’s daughter Angela and HCCLA President Pat McCann opened bank accounts for the “Mack Arnold Trust”.

Pat writes:

As you may know, Mack was felled by a stroke recently, and will be a long time in recovery. To my knowledge he has no medical insurance and as anyone who has dealt with a catastrophic illness or injury knows, even if you do it never covers enough. His daughter wished to express her thanks to all who have sent their kind wishes, but I am asking you all to dig a bit and please consider donating to the trust so that we can help defray at least some of his expenses. If you can help, please make out the checks to “The Mack Arnold Trust.” While Angela is busy finishing up school out of state, I will make deposits to the account.

Mail them to me or stop me in the hallways and write the check out then. Let’s show folks that we take care of our own here.

Pat’s address is: 909 Texas Ave, Ste 205, Houston, Texas 77002 713-223-3805

Thanks for the update on Mack, Mark. And thanks for setting this up, Pat.


batgirl said…
Those of us who know Mack love him. You may want to suggest that they open a PayPal account for him. It's an easy way for people to make donations. We will continue to pray for Mack and his family. We wish his a full and speedy recovery. We love you, Mack.

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