The First Changes

As detailed in Brian Rogers' article in the Chronicle today, Ken Magidson started out his first full day on the job with some minor changes.

Probably the one of the most interest to those who have enjoyed the dirty details of the Rosenthal e-mail scandal was the demotion of Kerry Stevens from the position of executive secretary.

In addition, Magidson clarified within the Operations Manual about the use of the phone and computers for personal use. He also started a policy that if an HCDA employee receives an offensive, racist, or sexist e-mail that it must be reported to his or her supervisor and an e-mail must be sent to the "sender" of the offending e-mail, requesting they no longer send offensive e-mails to the HCDA employee. At first, that seemed to me like a bit of overkill, but the more I thought about it, it definitely will help government employees "cover their asses" should another e-mail scandal break out.

From a practical standpoint, I don't think that the ADAs have sent anything from their computers that wasn't business related or, at least, totally appropriate since they had their eyes opened wide by the Rosenthal scandal.

As a public service announcement, if you have a friend who works at the HCDA Office, that friend will greatly appreciate it if YOU DON'T SEND THEM ANY INAPPROPRIATE E-MAILS TO THEIR BUSINESS ACCOUNT.

And yes, that includes you, Grandma.


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