One Act Play

Channel 13 reported today about the "sharpening of the attack" between remaining Republican candidates for District Attorney, Pat Lykos and Kelly Siegler. They then aired the story, which mostly consisted of Pat Lykos talking about the "Rosenthal-Siegler Administration".

You know, its funny, I don't ever recall anybody calling it the Rosenthal-Siegler Administration before Kelly threw her name in to run. Yet, Lykos seems to want to run the term into the ground.

Lykos' attempts to link Kelly to Chuck are nothing more than an insubstantial ploy to get voters to overlook Kelly's overwhelming qualifications to hold the job.

Kelly has been a prosecutor for almost 22 years. She is widely regarded as the greatest prosecutor in the State, if not the Country. She has tried numerous capital murder trials and knows the in-depth work that trying those cases takes. Kelly is also a leader that the rest of the Assistant District Attorneys are willing to follow.

Lykos' main source of argument is to just try to keep linking Kelly with Chuck, which is really no argument at all. If Lykos were to apply her "Rule of Law" to campaigning, she would most assuredly draw an objection for "Relevance".

Not that it will slow Pat down, however.

Keeping in mind, that this is the same Pat Lykos who, ironically, called Kelly a "one act play".


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