Pat Lykos' Fuzzy Math

I saw on one of the TV websites yesterday that Political Pat was spinning her numbers from the primary, in which she came in a distant 2nd place to the tune of almost 15,000 votes. In doing her best to seem excited about her 31% compared to Kelly's 41%, Lykos mathmatically pointed out that what the statistics really meant are that 59% of the people were voting for change.


But, guess what, Snookems, I have a calculator too!

Let's also factor in that Jim got 17% and Doug Perry got 10%. Now, let's do the math with Lykos logic:

73% of the voters want a woman District Attorney.
69% of the voters would would prefer she be under 65 years old.
90% of the voters would prefer that the D.A. not have a trademark cowboy hat.
58% of the voters would prefer that the D.A. have tried a case before.
9% of the voters probably thought that they were voting for Rick Perry.

But most importantly, Dearest Snookems, 69% of the voters don't want YOU.


Anonymous said…
JAGJO writes:

Lykos was 66 on 2-20 and come April 8th she will have the option to start her long overdue retirement.

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