A New Era Begins Today

Today will officially begin the New (and relatively short) Era of District Attorney Kenneth Magidson.

Magidson will officially be sworn in as the Harris County District Attorney today at 4:30 p.m. at the Jury Assembly Room on Congress. Shortly thereafter, all the Assistant District Attorneys will also have to be re-sworn in under their new leader.


jigmeister said…
Don't miss those New Years day swear ins. Good Luck guys.
anonymous c said…
Oh, the pomp and circumstance!

I join Jig in saying good luck, y'all!
anonymous c said…

The next time that y'all are sworn in will be under Kelly Siegler.

Go, Kelly, go!
Anonymous said…
JAGJO writes:

And so it begins...

The HCDA website finally took down CR's greeting and put up a new one.

"We strive to sort the innocent from the guilty, and seek justice not just convictions".

Foreshadowing of the "tone" being set forth and one that is accomodating for when Kelly takes over the helm.

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