Have you voted yet? Come on, early voting started thirty second ago, what are you waiting for?

Remember, you can vote in the Republican Primary as long as you did not vote in the Democratic Primary on March 4th. Even if you didn't vote at all, you can still vote in the Republican Primary.

You can vote in any polling location all week long (on Election Day, you have to go vote at the polling location assigned to your precinct, so this is much more convenient).

For a list of locations, check out the upper right-hand box of this page.

Now, get out there and vote!


Anonymous said…
JAGJO writes:

Ah, yes, my little pretties... early voting has now begun!!

The polling sites are nicely spaced out so there is no excuse.
Nada, zero, zilch!

I hope all those that have came here to voice an opinion (albeit sometimes the total opposite of the LATHCCJC status quo) are going to vote and make their voice heard where it really counts...at the polls.

And, I also hope all those that have been adamant against Kelly, come back to offer their congratuations next Wednesday after they finish eating their last slice of crow pie! :-)'
I hear crow pie goes down much easier with a couple of shots of Patron. ( keyword, "hear")

Kelly is going to win as is Bill Moore for the 174th. ( You guys know I had to get in one last final plug for Moore) :-)
anonymous c said…
He's got my vote, JagJo!

And, as promised, I've been spreading the word.

Go, Bill, go! :)

And you are totally correct on the crow pie. Love it!

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