Did You Happen to Notice the Quiet?

Chuck Rosenthal has been gone from the District Attorney's Office for several weeks now.

The Ibarra Brothers case settled. The campaign went on for the D.A.'s race.

Nobody is under the delusion that the community's faith in the Office has been restored, but I can't help but notice that things are starting to take their first "baby steps" back toward normalcy.

Courts are back in trial. Assistant D.A.'s aren't nervously gathering in the halls and asking each other "have you heard anything?"

Today, there were numerous media trucks in front of the CJC, and they weren't there to cover something bad that Chuck had done -- they were there to report on a case. It was a pleasant surprise and a nice change.

The stories of scandals have trickled to a stop. Even in the Chronicle!

There is still a long road ahead of the District Attorney's Office to restore the public faith, one that will take years (if not a decade).

But could it possibly be that when Chuck left, he took the vast majority of his baggage with him?


Jason said…
I noticed that too. Once Chuck left, the original case went away. Now let's see if the contempt hearing dies down as well. If so, then I will be conviced that someone shut the door and said "Chuck if you go quietly into that good night (and not rage against the dying of the light) then your problems will slide into obscurity!"
Anonymous said…
I absolutely WISH I could agree with you. Unfortunately, there are still too many people at the top that are going to keep things status quo for as long as possible. They will continue to look down defendants and even their own #3's and #4's. It will continue to be a popularity contest and a game for some. While it has helped that Chuck has left, he didn't take everyone's attitude and arrogance with him. Until there is a reward for hard work and good attitudes over who knows who, a lot will stay the same.
batgirl said…
Anon, I know how you feel, but there will be change this year...no matter who wins the election. People think Kelly will be status quo, but I do not believe so. I have heard Kelly speak about making changes in the office, including letting some people go. She is not another Chuck. Sit tight and continue to do your job (I assume you are an ADA). Nobody should treat defense attorneys or other ADAs with anything less than respect, and I believe Kelly has said the same.

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