Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Harris County Lab

Channel 11's Shern-Min Chow reported yesterday on the Harris County Crime Lab that comprises the Harris County Medical Examiner's Office, as well as its own DNA lab. This time, there was no scandal involving a State-based laboratory. This article compliments the Medical Examiner's Office and the lab.

For those of us who have dealt with the Medical Examiner's Office on homicide cases or other cases involving a fatality, we have known for quite some time that there are some real "All-Stars" that work for the Medical Examiner's Office. Their level of professionalism, integrity, diligence, and reliability is quite impressive.

It was nice of Shern-Min Chow to give them some well-deserved recognition.

It's worth noting that in all of the DNA scandals caused by the HPD Lab, that Harris County's Lab never ran into the same problems.

Then again, Clarence Bradford wasn't ever the head of the Harris County Lab.

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jigmeister said...

Looks like Brett just got a leg up in Montgomery County. What McDougal did is patently wrong.

What's this about Whitmire investigating HCDA's discretionary fund expendatures. Is that just another Chronicle slap at the office without any basis in fact?