Since the Chronicle Won't Report It . . .

Since I don't have my own newspaper at my disposal, I've run out of ideas on how to get the Lykos stories out.

Here's my last ditch effort for my faithful readers.

Send the below listed link to every Harris County voter in your e-mail address book, and let them decide for themselves.

Spread the word.


anonymous c said…
Thanks for the easy link, AHCL!

I, for one, am most definitely on the case! :-)
Ron in Houston said…
AHCL reports - you decide.
batgirl said…
Thanks for keeping the voters informed AHCL. Any thoughts about resurrecting the Houston Post or starting another newspaper for the people of our community who are tired of the Chronicle's agenda?
batgirl said…
AHCL, could you please inform the voters when the runoff is and when they can early vote for the runoff. My understanding is that even if people did not vote in the Republican primary, they may still vote in the runoff as long as they did not vote in the Democratic primary. Is this correct?

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