Chronic Inconsistency

Anybody who likes to start their Sunday morning with a little bit of stupidity from the Chronicle was given to a special treat this morning in their editorial section. Under the "We recommend" section, they do the two following endorsements:

• Judge, 174th Criminal District Court, Kevin Keating — A career prosecutor, Keating has a wealth of experience. He has appealed capital murder cases for the state to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court. He is an expert on forensic mental health issues that increasingly affect the course of justice.
• Harris County district attorney, Pat Lykos — A former state district judge and Houston police officer, Lykos is well-qualified to be the county's chief prosecutor. She promises to seek justice, not convictions regardless of guilt or innocence. An outsider, Lykos is better prepared than her opponent to restore ethics and judgment to the district attorney's office.

Alrighty then.

So, Kevin Keating would make a good Judge because he is a career prosecutor.
And Pat Lykos would make a good District Attorney because she is not a career prosecutor?

Am I the only person who sees the flaming stupidity in the Chronicle's rationale here?


anonymous c said…
No, AHCL. You're definitely not the only one.

I can't believe that those people can write that crap with a straight face.
Anonymous said…
Under the Chronicles logic, Siegler would be the perfect Supreme Court Justice.......
Scott C. Pope said…
The Chronicle would endorse a goat as long as it would further their agenda. No surprises, eh?
Anonymous said…
What blatant hipocrisy! Sounds like Bernstein is writing the Chronicle's endorsements. Does anyone know if journalists have an agency to report ethical violations to? Alan needs a remedial course on ethics.

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