Robert V. McEntee

Remember the debate when Pat Lykos stated that she wasn't seeking the endorsement of any police unions? Perhaps she knew that doing so would be a waste of breath, based on her prior dealings with them in 1988 over the case involving Robert V. McEntee.

An article from the Houston Chronicle from 1988 (NOTE: Not from the present, hint, hint, Alan Bernstein. Yeah, right.) reports the following:

Robert V. McEntee was a defendant charged with kidnapping his own step-daughter, apparently to keep her from being with a black man.

The prosecutor on the case, Lee Coffee, had requested that McEntee be held at no bond, due to McEntee's dangerousness. His priors were a California manslaughter charge, and an assault charge out of Louisiana. Lykos overruled that motion, and lowered the bond to $50,000. The Defendant had to shell out a measley $1,500 to get out of the Harris County Jail.

What did McEntee do with his new-found freedom? Well, he kidnapped his step-daughter again, and took off for Louisiana. Once there, he was tracked down by Louisiana police and was killed in a shootout with them. In the process, two Louisiana Police Officers were wounded (one critically).

Lykos apparently disregarded her Chief Prosecutor's request for the no bond, when he cited the prior manslaughter and assault. Instead, she relied on a "psychiatric study" that concluded McEntee wasn't a danger.

Um, okay, a previous dead body on his record and he's kidnapping his own step-daughter.

Nah, that doesn't sound dangerous at all.

The actions of Lykos led to her being denounced in a radio ad by the Houston Police Officers Association, according to the Chronicle.

With the defendant dead, Lykos wasn't able to hide behind the "pending case" excuse that she used during the Gil Fried and Jiminez cases for why she wouldn't comment.

So, what did she do?

Blame the prosecutors, of course. She stated that they hadn't made her aware of McEntee's prior convictions.

In what can only be described as pretty strong language, her Chief Prosecutor responded:

"That's a flat out lie and she knows it," Coffee said.

NOTE: There will be more on Lykos lying in a another article, momentarily.


anonymous c said…
Alan Bernstein,

I know that you can be sensible and you know that I can be, too. You said it yourself, remember?

Are you taking Mark Bennett's recent advice and "listening" to all of this evidence?

Look at who MY paper endorsed, Alan! Look at who your court is protecting!

She is being exposed as incompetent by way of the VERY SAME PAPER that is now protecting her and, yet, you are silent.

Now, let’s stroll back to one of your last e-mails to me, but instead of you being K., how about we read it as K. for Kelly Siegler?

The story fits, doesn’t it? All to well, in fact.

The “cheats and liars”, Alan, are not within “this organization”, but, rather, within the Chronicle herself...

Do the right thing.
cjclawyer said…
Keep it coming!
Anonymous said…
I am Robert V. McEntee's daughter and before he was rightfully killed by those police officers, he tried to kill myself, my three siblings, and our mother. Please tell me more information on this case as I am very interested.

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