Monday, March 10, 2008

Dial "2" to Be Ignored

Several Assistant District Attorney's were laughing today over an automated phone call they had received over the weekend from the Pat Lykos campaign.

The call begins by asking you to hit "1" if you plan on voting for Pat Lykos and "2" if you plan on voting for Kelly Siegler.

The one ADA that I spoke with who hit "1" (not out of support, but just to see what it said) said that the automated voice announced that Jim was endorsing her and then proceeded to ask for money.

My understanding is that Jim didn't give his permission for his name to be used, and is rather dismayed by the phone call.

And if you press "2" to indicate your support for Kelly Siegler?

It hangs up on you.

So much for being open to differing points of view, right Pat?


Scott C. Pope said...

There was no #3 for Bradford? Must be good to be the one in the unopposed party.

Ron in Houston said...

That's only because they deleted Pat delivering a bunch of expletives about Seigler supporters.

Oh that's right, Snookems doesn't cuss.

jigmeister said...

The hell she doesn't. More than any man I ever met.

Anonymous said...

JAGJO writes:

Lykos is republican, the phone survey is conducted only using those that voted republican in primary, therefore, she isn't concerned with Bradford at this point unless she gets the nomination. Anyone running a phone poll for a local nomination run off is not being advised well and is not confident.

I think those Kelly supporting republicans getting the calls ought to push one to teach Lykos a little lesson.... bruhahahaha