Arrogance Out of Control

One of the things that Pat Lykos was legendary for during her time on the bench was her temper. Nothing seems to more clearly illustrate the irrational behavior that Lykos exhibits when angry than this Chronicle article from 1987.

The origin of the story seems to be, ironically, timeliness.

Apparently, Lykos was getting frustrated with the time it took to get a plea done by prosecutors in the court. Now, this is ironic to me, because wasn't she the judge who was never on time for anything, and when she did take pleas they were all painfully slow.

So, what does the Judge do?


Maybe you have to be a lawyer to fully understand the absolute ABSURDITY in this. A prosecutor is going too slow with the plea, so she pulls a defense attorney to stand in as a special prosecutor to do it?!?!

This is beyond outrageous. First of all, Lykos had absolutely NO RIGHT to commandeer the files of the State of Texas.

Second, she had no right to commandeer a defense attorney who was just minding his own business and conscript him into serving as a prosecutor.

Third, she is, yet again, exceeding the powers assigned to her.

This all culminates in her, days later, kicking her Chief prosecutor out of her court, something else she wasn't allowed to do.

Read the article and read Johnny Holmes reaction to it all.

Is a person who has a raging temper and no concept of what the law is the person Harris County really wants running the District Attorney's Office?


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