Many Thanks to Lone Star Times

I really appreciate the invitation to "guest blog" on Lone Star Times today!

Man, at last count, there were almost 100 comments on the story over there. Mark, I think their readership puts ours to shame.

I look forward to posting again there, and I really enjoyed the discussion on the comments board.

Even with those who dared to disagree with me! :-)

Thanks to everybody over there at that great website!


Ron in Houston said…
You know how to stimulate a lively discussion. You've had a few on your blog, but the size of the one on lonestartimes is impressive.
Anonymous said…
It's still going...

Check it out
Mark Bennett said…
Theirs might be bigger, but ours is better.
Anonymous said…
Mark, save that line for the bedroom.

JUST KIDDING!!! Cheap shot, had to take it. All the women and gays love you, with our without pony tail

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