The Pasadena Debate

Okay, I'm clearly falling down on the job here. Not only did I fail to attend the debate between Kelly Siegler and Pat Lykos last night in Pasadena, I wasn't even aware of it until yesterday afternoon.

I saw a brief snippet on the news, and it was pretty much the same thing. The first words out of Lykos' mouth was "Rule of Law", which I believe means "I have no idea how to try a case" in Latin.

NOTE: If you elected to play a drinking game and took a sip of alcohol every time Lykos said "Rule of Law", you would now officially have cirrhosis.

Kelly's camera time was limited in the brief news segment that I saw, so I don't know how the overall tone of the debate went. If you attended the debate, or can find a link to it at one of the news websites, please let me know in the comments!


Ron in Houston said…
Man you are falling down on the job.

The drinking game sounds fun but the cirrhosis doesn't.
anonymous c said…
Right back atchya, Ron! You haven't posted on your blog since the 12th! Get to work! ;-)
Anonymous said…
The Cherry Tree Republicans have the pair debating tonight at 7:30 PM:

Though the activist running the groups for years, Stan Stanart, is one of the biggest Lykos supporters around.

You should go and have some fun...
anonymous c said…
Man, Kelly really needs to get a better picture put up for head shots.

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