Name Association

It just seems that Pat Lykos can't help herself from alienating all the Assistant D.A.'s that she seeks to lead.

In her response to the Kenneth Magidson's appointment in the Chronicle article today, she stated:

Lykos said she was pleased that reforms could begin immediately under a new district attorney "and that the Rosenthal-Siegler era will be ending."

Lykos, who clearly realizes that she is intellectually, skillfully, and charismatically over matched by Kelly Siegler is now trying to play the "name-association game", by tacking on the name "Siegler" to "Rosenthal" when describing the administration. She's hoping that all of the Rosenthal dirt will then be carried onto Kelly (and hopefully making up some of those 14,000 points that she trailed Kelly by on March 4th).

Do you see how it works? Lykos is hoping if she repeats the term "Rosenthal-Siegler" enough that everyone will think Kelly did all the bad things that Chuck did. In other words, just repeat until people think it's true.

It would be kind of like if people continuously referred to Pat as:

The Constitution-violating Pat Lykos
The ethically challenged Pat Lykos.
The dishonest and vulgar Pat Lykos.
The anti-Semitic Pat Lykos.
The arrogant Pat Lykos.
The Civil Rights-violating Pat Lykos; or
The sociopathic Pat Lykos.

See how that works?

And the only thing that should be ending any time soon is Lykos' unmitigated ambition to run for Offices that she isn't capable of handling.


Scott C. Pope said…
Excellent, excellent post!
jigmeister said…
I just read the latest Chronicle Editorial. Bias isn't a strong enough word. I think there is downright hatred of the DA's and all they stand for. It claims the staff is intolerant and insensitive and wallowing without a rudder.

I then looked at the photos of the editorial staff. Any minorities? Doesn't appear so. Then I looked at pictorial depictions of the columnists. 1 black out of 24. No hispanics at all. Where do these hypocrites get off? They are a bunch of sanctimonious stuffed shirts and that message needs to be broadcast all over town. Bring back the Post!
hcresident said…
Good point Jigmeister. Don't you think that we should just fire the whole editorial board and start all over. There is a culture of bias an corruption there and we should just start from scratch.
Ron in Houston said…

Well, editorially they're clearly on record for saying that they don't think Seigler can effect the type of change that they feels needs to be done.

I didn't sense any "downright hatred" but I do understand why people would resent the implication that the whole office is floundering without someone at the helm.

As to them being sanctimonious stuffed shirts, well, I see a whole lot of those around including myself.


"Don't you think that we should just fire the whole editorial board and start all over. There is a culture of bias an corruption there and we should just start from scratch."

You'd do that to them, but you'd howl if they proposed that for the DA's office.
hcresident said…
They have proposed it at the da's office. That is the point; if they want to do it to the prosecutors then maybe they should go first. Most DAs are good, no great, people. I am just tired of the chronicle doing double speak. I can't speak to the chron as to every issue b/c I don't read it.
Murray Newman said…
Yeah, Ron, I think you missed the sarcasm in hcresident's original post.
jigmeister said…

I wasn't being sarcastic. I really believe the Chronicle Editorial staff threw out the "race" card by masking it with terms like insensitive and intolerant without knowing the people they are throwing it at. It seems fair to throw it back.

You can't duck when that card gets thrown and you can't wash off the smell when you get hit.
batgirl said…
I am canceling my subscription to the Chronicle. This is absurd. I agree with hcresident.

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