More on the Lowry-Lykos Campaign

It looks like I'm not the only one who found the moronic mailer sent out by Terry Lowry to be offensive. The much more politically savvy County Seat also had some interesting commentary on the now infamous "Link Letter" (not to mention some fantastic photo-shopping).

In addition, it sounds like Lowry and Lykos are two of a kind. Below is a brief snippet of his interview with Pat Lykos when she was on his radio show.

Sounds like Lykos and Lowry were a match made in Heaven.

For more of Big Jolly's article on the Lykos-Lowry connection, check out

NOTE: This is the first time I've tried a sound clip on the website, so if you have any problems with it, please let me know ASAP. My default audioplayer is ITunes, and it starts the beginning of a song in my music library before the clip finishes playing. You should be to hear Lykos' response at the end.


Scott C. Pope said…
"Republican voters have long tolerated Lowry's chlamydial presence in our primaries, and candidates - by partaking in his trade - have facilitated its spread. "

Holy crap that is an awesome sentence.
hcresident said…
Yet again, Lykos can't give a reason to vote FOR her. Now, she has to use a mercenary to do her dirty work. Also, anyone notice that her new rob-calls are done by a woman with an English accent? I have nothing against the English, but can't we just be ourselves? Oh yeah, if Lykos was herself in this campaign then she knows nobody would vote for her.

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