Commenting Problems

I got a technical complaint from a reader about troubles he was having with "Firefox" and reading the other comments before posting a response.

I have to plead total ignorance to what Firefox is. I'm sorry.

When I write a comment in response, the message box is about two inches wide by four inches wide, and I have difficulty reading it myself. If I plan on a detailed response, I open up another window so that I can review the comments in one, and respond to them on another.

I don't know how to fix it, but I will gladly take any technical advice.


pro.victims said…
Firefox is a internet browser, much like Internet Explorer, though not as susceptible to invasion by horrible outside hackers, viruses and such. Much debate about why this is so - from more competent design to the fact that less people use it than Explorer, so the hackers over look it, since there are larger fields to harvest.

None of this answers why you are having technical problems.

Go Kelly, Go!
Ron in Houston said…
Here's one solution

right click where it says


when the context menu comes up - say open in new tab - that way the comments open in a full window.

I have that problem on firefox on my laptop but not at home - go figure.

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