Quick Facts about the Runoff

Let it never be said that I don't respond to my readers!

Batgirl wrote in, asking for some details about voting in the run off election, so here are the quick facts:

April 8th, 2008 is the actual "election day" for the run off vote.

March 31st - April 4th are the early voting days (at a minimum. I'm not sure if it extends into the weekend). Somebody let me know if I'm wrong on that.

Fact # 1 - if you failed to vote in the March 4th election, you CAN still vote in the run off.

Fact # 2 - if you did vote on March 4th, you CAN ONLY VOTE in run offs for the party in which you voted on March 4th. In other words, if you voted in the Democratic Primary on March 4th, you CAN NOT vote in the Republican run off (and vice versa).

Fact # 3 - if you are eligible to vote in the run off, you can vote for whoever you want to, regardless of who you voted for on March 4th.
For example, if you made the grave mistake of voting for Pat Lykos on March 4th, you can amend your mistake by voting for Kelly Siegler on April 8th. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist that one.)

Fact # 4 - run off elections almost always have a significantly lower turnout than the earlier vote. Don't make the mistake of thinking that all the dust has already settled. Good candidates still need your vote. They need your votes now, more than ever, actually.



jigmeister said…
The answer to the other part of your question according to Sec.State:

"If you don’t vote in either primary, you can still vote in the Primary Runoff election for whichever party you choose."
Anonymous said…
JAGJO writes:

Good move AHCL in posting voting info.It's yet another proactive service for those that are not familiar with run off elections.
Of course, the DA'race is getting top billing in the media but there are also two other gentlemen from the CJC that are in the run off for the 174th bench. I am referring to Bill Moore and Kevin Keating. I know that you have commented before in not wanting to select one over the other which is understandable but I am curious if others in the know, would like to comment about the distinguishing attributes for each of these men in hopes of prompting those undecided to make a decision and vote accordingly. So many of the readers come here with or looking for information on the DA candidates and what better forum to promote interest in our judicial candidates which are usually over looked in run off's.

So, what makes Kevin Keating or Bill Moore the better candidate for Judge of the 174th bench?
batgirl said…
AHCL, thank you for posting this information for the voters. Whatever your opinion is....get out there and vote.

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