The Guardian Cometh?

The Chronicle is reporting this morning that the Chuck Rosenthal replacement could be just a few days away, and that interim-D.A., Bert Graham is not interested in fulfilling the rest of the term.

Although the part about Bert not being interested in the job (which runs to the end of 2008) was a mild surprise, the rumors have been circulating for several weeks now that Governor Perry has decided on an Assistant U.S. Attorney as his nominee to replace Chuck. Although the rumor has been circulating, nobody seems to know exactly when it is going to take place.

I, for one, think its a good thing that a replacement is coming who isn't currently in the race for District Attorney. Here's why:

1. It keeps the process non-political, which is Step Two in restoring faith in the Office. (Step One was for Chuck to step down).

2. It won't cause a potential "backlash" against the nominee in the election, if Governor Perry were to appoint one of the candidates.

3. In the (increasingly unlikely) event that Pat Lykos were to win that nomination, she can't do her mass firings of prosecutors who supported Kelly. That makes a lot of people's jobs safe until the end of the year at least. The prosecutors will have time to make plans and find other jobs to support their families, rather than just getting the ax from her.

By the way, Lykos is still talking out of both sides of her mouth. She's running around telling people that she is not planning on firing the ADA's, yet she had this to say in the Chronicle.

Lykos said some current employees suffer from the taint of working for an institution whose "culture is ethically challenged."
"It's a culture of arrogance," she said. "It has an element of fraternity house about it."

Okay, Pat, you aren't firing all the ADAs, but:

1. The culture is ethically challenged.
2. It's a culture of arrogance; and
3. It has an element of a fraternity house.

And, by the way, Snookems, what's this I keep hearing about you calling a female senior District Court judge a "f*ck face"?

That would seem to be ethically challenged, arrogant, and rather fraternity-esque, itself.


anonymous c said…
"That would seem to be ethically challenged, arrogant, and rather fraternity-esque, itself."

Yes, that REALLY would, AHCL. That lady is some gorgeous piece of work. The more that I read about her, the more I want to hurl. Please pardon the vivid language this early in the morning, but I have to say that it’s entirely true.

It becomes increasingly more bizarre that the “Republican Party” chose to back her and not Kelly. It still boggles the mind.

I fervently pray, for all of your (and the Harris County citizenry’s) sakes, that the interim person chosen is a good one.

Everything crossed over here!!!
Ron in Houston said…
At the risk of self promoting my blog, I've really come to the realization that Lykos has to be a sociopath.

Just check out the criteria and decide for yourself.
Michael said…
"And, by the way, Snookems, what's this I keep hearing about you calling a female senior District Court judge a 'f*ck face'?"

Well, unless you have a source for attribution, I'd call it an unsubstantiated rumor.
Anonymous said…
How exactly would Lykos know what the current "culture" is at the DA's office? Has she even stepped foot in the HCJ much less gotten to know anyone here? The vast majority of ADAs have been hired since she left the bench. Are her unfair presumptions based on hearsay an insight into her management style??
jigmeister said…
Michael, it happened because I remember being told about it. I can't remember who the judge was, but want to say Joe Kegans.
Michael said…
While I have no reason to think you're lying, jigmeister (or AHCL, for that matter), I wonder if the person you heard that story from heard it from someone else, who heard it from someone else, etc. If Joe Kegans was the judge, it would have to had happened at least 10 years ago. It reminds me of the story Austin lawyers tell about Judge Mace Thurman sentencing a sexagenarian hi-bitch to 60 years for selling stolen goods. The defendant protested "Judge, I don't have 60 years left in me." Thurman replied "Well, just do the best you can." A funny story, if it's the first time you heard it, but I'll bet that yarn originated during the Inquisition.

All that being said, I do believe you; it's consistent with Lykos's character. Anyone have an idea why so many Republicans in Harris County (albeit a minority compared with Ziegler) would want her to be DA?
Anonymous said…
The re-release of 101 Dalmations is so timely in regard to the DA's run off. For all of us who Pat belittled for the long years she was on the bench she became know as Cruell De Vil. The interesting thing was everyone knew who the reference was intended for. Curell is a Sunday Teach compared to the way Pat Lykos treated the people that work for and around her. She was also refered to the Princess or was it Prince of Darkness
Murray Newman said…
Ron (and everyone else for that matter),
Please always feel free to post links to your own websites here. Ron's article was great.
Unknown said…
Frankly, I think the "fraternity house" comment is sexist. More than half the office is female. Why didn't she comment on the "sorority house" element in the office? Must frat house have such a negative connotation?

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