Lykos Gets Desperate

I just watched Pat Lykos desperate cry for help on Fox 26.

Lykos called a press conference today, not to tout anything worthwhile about herself (because, let's face facts, that well ain't all that deep), but just to blast Kelly Siegler.


That's just pathetic.

During her press conference, Lykos criticized Kelly Siegler over two things:

1. Over a video tape of Kelly teaching a law school and stating that it shouldn't bother a prosecutor if something gets objected to, because the information has already been aired in front of a jury.

Now, let's see. Who had that tape when we last looked?

I believe that would be one Mr. Dick DeGuerin (AKA Sore Loser of the Year). So, I guess in his little snit of anger over having his ass handed to him by Kelly during the David Temple trial, Dick decided to turn the tape over to the Lykos campaign. That's not all that shocking given the great lengths that Dickie has gone through to try to somehow justify his loss to someone that he considers beneath him.

What is shocking is that Lykos would embrace it so much.

For those of you who don't remember last year's trial, David Temple was an extremely challenging "cold case" that Kelly Siegler tried. He murdered his eight-month pregnant wife by shooting her in the head with a shotgun.

2. That Kelly's working relationship with members of the Harris County Sheriff's Office led her to admit an "inadmissible" tape on the Fratta case.

Um, okay, you would think that a "judge" (no matter how poor of an excuse for one) would realize that the Courts of Appeals change quite often on different issues. There was a hearing on the confession and the trial court judge admitted it. Sometimes the Courts of Appeals modify their rulings based on different laws and readings of the law.

It doesn't mean some sort of misconduct, as Lykos gleefully implies. It just means their was a shift in the law. If their weren't shifts in the law, we'd still be dealing with the laws that we had in 1776.

The case law shifted around the Guidry and Fratta cases. They weren't clearly settled issues, like, say, the Right to an Attorney.

For those of you who don't remember the Fratta case, she was a young woman who was murdered by a hitman that her husband hired to kill her. Kelly got the death penalty for both the shooter and the man who hired her.

Am I the only person who finds it just mildly disturbing that Pat Lykos is running to side with people who murdered innocent women to find her mud to sling at Kelly Siegler? On cases where Kelly did nothing wrong, Lykos gladly stepped over the bodies of those two women and an unborn child just to attack her opponent in the race.

That really is sociopathic.

Not to mention despicable.

You should be ashamed of yourself, Pat.


hcresident said…
Lykos is pure evil, enough said.
anonymous c said…
I second what HC said!
Anonymous said…
I would love it if you or someone else could track down all the times Lycos got flipped by the 1st and 14th. Then ask her why she let in inadmissible confessions, evidence, etc.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
anonymous c said…

AB just dropped a good one today!

The "Lykos-Siegler runoff heating up" is awesome! So full of juicy goodness! Reads more like The Enquirer than a city newspaper.

The article reminds me of something that I read in the Austin-American Statesman archive recently...

Pat Lykos, who lost the GOP runoff for attorney general in April, said candidates who refuse to engage in negative campaigning tend to get ignored by the media.

"Although citizens and reporters decry dirty campaigning, those are the campaigns that get the coverage," she said."

You and your lackey Bernstein are certainly taken that one to the bank, aren't ya, Lykos?

Good luck with that, Snookems!
Ron in Houston said…
The defining characteristic of a sociopath is no sense of guilt, remorse, or shame.
batgirl said…
I agree with AHCL that Lykos is getting desperate. She is conducting a smear campaign against Kelly because she has no merit on which to run for the office of DA. She truly reminds me of Cruella DeVille (however you spell it) with her toothy evil grin. She has no substance. She is just taking cheap shots at Kelly. I know Kelly is trying to take the high road, but I think it's time someone on behalf of Kelly and the DA's office starts standing up to her. I know AHCL does that on this blog, but someone needs to be more vocal. Not everyone reads this blog. There are too many hard working ADAs who risk losing their careers if Lykos gets elected. Pat Lykos took her gloves off. Now, she needs to be put to the test. How about a debate between Kelly and Pat. Is that happening before the runoff? Kelly beats Pat on substance, integrity, qualifications, and trial talent. Hands down.

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